Where can I do laundry?

We have laundry facilities throughout the building that you can use to do your laundry. We have coin operated washers and dryers that you can use. A wash cycle costs £3.00, and a dryer cycle costs £1. You will need to provide your own detergents as these are not included.

Do I have to clean my own room?

Yes, you are responsible for cleaning your own room. Each student is also responsible for the cleanliness of the shared kitchen. We provide a communal hoover, which you can sign to use each time.

How do I request for maintenance?

You can fill in the Repairs Request form or alternatively, email the office to report any maintenance issues.

Can I have guests over?

Yes, a maximum of 2 guests are allowed per visit per person providing they sign in and out on the visitor’s book. If you are planning for a gathering with more than 2 guests, you must email the office for permission.

Can I leave stuff in my room during the holidays?

Yes, you can. However, the halls hold no responsibility for your belongings. We recommend students taking out their own content insurance to cover any losses or damage.