All bills and utilities are included in the rent, high speed broadband is also included and two meals a day for 5 days a week are also provided for all the residents.
We have single rooms with and without en suite and limited number of double and studio room with en suite available.
We put a great emphasis on H&S at our Portsmouth Uni halls and there is information available on your request
Applications are open online, we cannot guarantee a place to every student. We recommended you apply as soon as you can as there is very high demand for places for Portsmouth Uni halls. When submitting your application you will need to provide us with your full details and the required documents. A £250.00 holding fee will need to be paid online on submitting your application.
There is will be an on call member of staff who will advise on following issues: • Inter-tenant issues • Deposit disputes • Maintenance issues • Noise • Contract checking Please do not hesitate to contact us for any advice on any accommodation issues.
Students are expected to be considerate to fellow students and staff. This includes actively listening to your residential staff and adhering to the rules in the rental agreement and student handbook.
If you are interested in seeing either of our Portsmouth uni halls before you make your decision to book, we are available for drop-in and appointment viewings. This gives you the opportunity to have a tour of Fountain Hall and St George’s Way to see the different room types, communal areas, structure of the building and more. If you choose to stay with us, you can choose your own room and we will complete all the paperwork the same day, leaving you with one less worry!If you are unable to come for a physical viewing, you can use our online virtual viewing program where you can take a 3D walk through the building. Find all our communal area and some examples of room types.When booking, our team will allocate a room to you. Feel free to ask for photographs of the specific room you will be in to ease your moving preparation (please note: the photographs of the rooms on this website have been dressed for professional photos. You will receive a bare room with all the furniture and fittings seen).
When booking online or in-person, we ask for a £250.00 holding fee to secure a room. If you go through with booking a room with us, alongside signing the tenancy agreement and guarantor deed, we ask for a further £250.00 damage deposit. We will add the £250.00 holding fee previously paid to this amount to make a total damage deposit of £500.00. This amount is refundable at the end of the tenancy as long as cleaning and/or damage fees are not incurred after a final room inspection. If you decide to not go through with a booking, the £250.00 holding is non-refundable. If you have paid the full £500.00 and not yet moved in, we can refund the £250.00 damage deposit.
The whole building is fully covered by Wi-Fi. We have 4 Virgin Media Business connections feeding the building. This includes VLANs giving up to 200mbps Wi-Fi and up to 200mbps hard wired connection in every room. Wi-Fi connection is made via Ubiquiti business class Wi-Fi access points with WPA key control and software cloud monitoring. There is a two appliance connection limit imposed as the Wi-Fi and internet provided is free of charge. This is also compliant with our Fair Usage Policy. Speed checks are carried out by members of staff on a monthly basis and students have direct access to communicate any issues with the Halls Manager.
Our waste collection is organised to provide ease of disposal for students. We have waste rooms on every floor, where students can drop off their rubbish once their room bin is filled. Our cleaners transport this waste daily to our large collection bins outside the hall, which are collected twice weekly. We operate a general and recycling waste scheme.
If for any foreseen or unforeseen reason, the entire or partial closure of either hall is necessary, all tenants affected will be moved to the alternative sister hall, i.e. Fountain Hall or St George’s Way Hall. The tenants affected will be placed in rooms equivalent or upgraded to their current room and will still be able to access meals and similar necessities as provided in their hall. If the number of tenants moved exceeds the space in alternative sister hall, they will be relocated in the Best Western Royal Beach Hotel in Southsea at no additional cost. They too will have access to meals and similar necessities as provided in their current hall.


Book a room for 51 weeks and receive a 4 week discount!*

*only available at St George’s Way