What are the benefits of living in a Unipol Code property?

The Unipol Code is a set of tough entry criteria and ongoing standards that landlords voluntarily agree to adhere to, demonstrating that they are willing to meet the highest standards of customer care and safety. Choosing to rent from a Code landlord provides numerous benefits which will be outlined below.

Features of a Code home


  • Bedroom (bed, adequate clothes storage, desk chair and properly hung curtains/blinds).
  • Kitchen (fire door, heat detector, adequate number of facilities, fire blanket and at least 3 double electrical power sockets).
  • Bathroom (extractor fan, ratio of bathrooms/toilets to tenants should not exceed 1:4).

And lots more!

Unipol Code repair timescales

Code landlords are responsive, professional and committed to completing repairs and resolving complaints promptly. If something goes wrong in your home, Code landlords have agreed to do repairs within set timescales once they have been reported.

  • Priority 1 repairs (Emergencies where there is a danger to health and safety or security, eg. a smashed window): 24 HOURS
  • Priority 2 repairs (Urgent repairs which affect your comfort or convenience, eg. a broken fridge): 5 WORKING DAYS
  • Priority 3 repairs (non-urgent day to day repairs, eg. decorating a ceiling following a leak): 28 DAYS

We want you to enjoy your time at university, without the worries of feeling unhappy or unsafe in your property; by choosing a Unipol Code property, you are guaranteed well-looked after, safe, comfortable accommodation with a responsible landlord.


To search for Unipol Code accommodation for the upcoming year, click on http://blog.unipol.org.uk/benefits-of-living-in-a-unipol-code-property/ and follow the link at the foot of the page

and remember to look for the Unipol thumbs up!