It is so simple with no hidden extras. All rooms at our Portsmouth uni accommodation are an all inclusive pricing, you won’t ever have to worry about internet, water, heating, electricity. Food is included from Monday to Friday and brunch on Saturday mornings.

Kitchen Facilities: 

Adequate shared kitchen facilities will be made available however this will be in addition to the food supplied within the rent and not as an alternative.


Students have non-restricted access to communal TVs, pool tables, table tennis tables, a projector for movie nights and football games and more.


Both Portsmouth uni accommodations have comfortable spaces both interior and an exterior internal courtyard  to relax /study and socialise safely.


Our Staff are committed to keeping you safe and happy.  Our overnight security is there for you when you need urgent help.

Book a room for 51 weeks and receive a 4 week discount!*

*only available at St George’s Way