Discover all the benefits of our Portsmouth Uni Accommodation.


Booking is straightforward with no hidden extras. All rooms at our Portsmouth uni accommodation are an all inclusive pricing, you won’t ever have to worry about internet, water, heating, electricity. In addition, we aim to create a comforting ‘home-to-home’ experience for students, offering freshly prepared, homemade meals twice daily, five days a week, courtesy of our on-site chefs. Brunch is even included on Saturdays, ensuring a well-catered living experience.

Kitchen Facilities: 

Adequate shared kitchen facilities will be made available however this will be in addition to the food supplied within the rent and not as an alternative.


Students have non-restricted access to communal TVs, pool tables, table tennis tables, a projector for movie nights and football games and more. Both Portsmouth uni accommodations have comfortable spaces both interior and an exterior internal courtyard to relax /study and socialise safely.


Your university room includes a single bed, desk, chair, wardrobe, wifi-equipped ethernet socket, router, and en-suite. Rooms at our uni halls are furnished however bedding and accessories are not included. Photos displayed on this website are for illustration purposes only. Room descriptions at both our private halls in Portsmouth are generic. The small double bed is subject to availability. We cannot guarantee that you will be allocated to a room with such a facility. Please contact the office for more information on your booking.


Our dedicated staff is wholeheartedly committed to ensuring your safety and well-being. With a constant focus on your security, our overnight security team is available to assist you promptly in times of urgency. Whether you need immediate assistance or want the peace of mind that comes with knowing there’s a reliable presence, our team is here to ensure you feel safe and happy.

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£95.00 per person per night including a continental breakfast. Open to all ages.